23 February 2007

In print

For nearly twenty years I have been researching the lives and writings of the realised souls of earlier centuries, and the prophecies they left for future generations. Many yogis around the world have provided invaluable leads and clues for this research, and this interchange of ideas continues through the historye yahoogroups and the accompanying weblog.

The History Enlightened series of books makes this research available in paperback book-length format. The first two volumes are anthologies of relevant texts. The later volumes will provide commentaries on specific themes in enlightened history.

Vol.1: Visions and prophecies of the Divine Feminine: a sourcebook of historical texts. pbk. 255p. AUD$30
Part 1: Visions and Worship of the Divine Feminine
Part 2: Prophecies
Part 3: Prophecies and visions from the Indigenous traditions

Vol.2: Seeking and Finding: a sourcebook of historical texts on Kundalini, yoga, realisation, Sahaja and nirvikalpa-samadhi. pbk. 198p. Available through lulu.com

Vol.3: The Wisdom Tradition: Visions and prophecies of the Goddess in the Sapiential (Wisdom) tradition. pbk. Available through lulu.com
Chapter 1: Sophia and feminine Wisdom
Chapter 2: From Boehme to Goethe: visions of Sophia in early modern Europe
Chapter 3: Sophia and the Russian mystical tradition
Chapter 4: Prophetic visions of the Divine Feminine in 19th/20th century Europe